Might as well give you a simple reference for the cast of crazy characters that may come up on this journey back in time.

Since my family of origin will be figuring prominently here’s a simple tree:

Mom – Dad (married 1970)

S.J. (eldest sister b.1972)

Zeed (brother b.1974)

Lilac (sister b.1977)

Lyla (me b.1982)

It’s a pretty nuclear bunch.  I mean, seriously, stand too close to the group and you’ll suffer radiation poisoning.

Other people who might feature could include:

Bubie (maternal grandmother)

Zadie (maternal grandfather)

Auntie R. (mom’s little sister b. 1964)

So… there you have it. I’m sure I’ll come up with some good descriptions later to make you feel like you know them (without the radiation exposure).




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