Again and again

I sat down this morning to try to process how I’m feeling right now. Yesterday I was literally on top of the world. It didn’t feel crazy, it didn’t feel fake. I had a song in my heart and yoga in my soul and I wanted to share it with the beautiful world.

I felt at peace, I kicked ass at work, I won at parenting, I exercised, my life was going to be awesome.

Today, I want to crawl under a car please.

It’s so intense and so shitty and I feel like I’ve said all this before.

Instead of pressure to be the type of mother someone else is, I just want to be the type of mother/person that I was yesterday.

This blog/my brain is officially boring. Let’s summarize all my posts:

  1. Wow! I feel awesome. I’m gonna kick this bipolar thing in the ass!

  2. I can’t remember why I’m still alive.

  3. FML, I felt great but now I feel shitty again and the shit is even more painful because I just felt so great.

So, today’s post is a number 3. Saying anymore would just be wasting pixels.

p.s. I dreamed about being chased by my mother last night. I was at a shopping mall and I saw her getting her hair done but she didn’t see me so I ran away but then someone told her I was there and… So I guess there’s also that blog topic.

p.p.s. I still really really love yoga. It’s such a gift.


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