Pity party

The letters are all worn off of my weekly pill organizer, so yesterday I google ‘best weekly pill organizer’ and I have a google ad epiphany. Not really an epiphany- more like a shitty realization. I started seeing ads for retirement homes and articles about caring for the elderly. Apparently google thinks I must be shopping for a very old person.

And if Google thinks it’s unusual for a 33 year old mother to need a weekly pill organizer, than I must be really sick. More sick than my friends… I’m really sick of being sick.

If you want to come to my pity party, bring cake.


2 thoughts on “Pity party

  1. If it starts ringing up funeral home services — time to start using yahoo. Better yet, time to start going to the library. I heard they upgraded their encyclopedia’s.
    Just kidding.
    I think the worst is when I go to my pain specialist and my new BFF’s are all 60 year old women. I think they’ve secretly adopted my son. He has at least 8 new grandma’s who are probably knitting him a shit ton of bulky itchy sweaters for Christmas.
    They better make me one.


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