They say that dragonflies have magic. They just appear when you need a friend.

I met a friend on my Women of Courage canoe trip who said that dragonflies were her spirit animal.  And true to her story, dragonflies did seem to appear around her.

I’ve been thinking about this friend a lot lately. We’ve been sharing on facebook and she just moved across the country into the city I live in. I even call her by her trail name, Dragonfly.

I’m actually not sure why but since I heard that she moved back to the city, I’ve been finding myself looking for her on the street. (I must note that this is not my typical behavior towards people.) I’ve lived in this city my whole life. I don’t like running into people that I know. I try to avoid the old neighborhoods, and maybe I keep my head down.

I can’t emphasize enough the utter strangeness of the phenomenon that happened last week.

I was walking my typical route home from the subway station after work. I happened to be thinking about my friend, Dragonfly, and wishing I could overcome my social planning anxiety to see her. And then…

…wait for it… this is crazy… I’m walking down the relatively quiet side street that I live on and I see her. I see my friend, Dragonfly, backing up her delivery van. On my street!

Probably I’m crazy. Of course. Only a crazy person (ahem) would think that someone they would love to see will magically appear on their street. But it really happened.

My friend, Dragonfly, appeared yesterday, virtually at my doorstep. bizarre. So lovely and so bizarre. I am so happy that I could see my friend without having to face the anxiety of making formal plans. But at the same time, I was a bit uneasy that something so magical happened.

Then… there’s more. The very next day, I was working from home and walked out of my house around noon. As if waiting for me, there was a very old lady standing on the sidewalk in front of my house. She was wearing a housecoat and slippers and looking very very lost.

With not a lick of common language, except for the name of a nearby restaurant, we walked together the three (very slow) blocks from my house to that restaurant. We walked with her arm in mine and my hand holding hers. Every few minutes she would stop to look me in the eye and make sure we were going to the restaurant. (I assumed, correctly, that her son owned the restaurant and lived nearby.) After I left her with him, I noticed that I had a bruise on my arm from where she was holding me.

They say that dragonflies represent the opening of one’s eyes and the defeat of self-created illusions. These dragonflies that appeared on my lawn reminded me to break the illusion that I am truly separate from anyone else in this world. I felt such emotional reactions with both of these women. These short interactions, deep with connection and vulnerability were powerful.

My mother-in-law says that things happen in threes. So if she receives two bad surprises, she breaks something so that she can decide what the third bad thing will be. I used to laugh at her when she would throw a glass coffee mug into the sink.

But now I understand. Sometimes magical things happen. I feel precariously on edge- a bit on guard. I’m not sure what is coming next. But I’m not breaking a coffee mug. I have a feeling that the third shoe is going to push me further into connections with others around me.

I feel pretty silly talking about magical things. I’m actually giving myself a raised eyebrow… but then again, dragonflies have started appearing in my front yard. dragonfly-tattoo

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