Quiet the mind

At some point before I completely stopped talking to my mother, I realized that I needed to stop listening to her. I mean that I had to completely ignore every word that came out of her mouth.

She just didn’t make any sense. She didn’t keep her word. She was manipulative. Her reactions were too intense and too urgent. And she always changed her mind anyway. There was just no point listening to her words.

Lately, I’ve started feeling the same way about my own thoughts. They are always coming and going, with varying intensity. They change and then they change again. What seemed so right one moment, is clearly so wrong the next. It seems there’s just no point in giving my own thoughts any consideration.

They say, “Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.” But I don’t want to hear my soul either. I can’t trust anything I tell myself. Hmmm… I have a new goal to take “quiet your mind” to a whole new level. If I sense a new idea coming, I’ll try to snuff it out before it peaks my interest. (Oh shit. Not listening to ideas is really just another idea that I’ll probably render useless tomorrow, if not by the time I finish writing this.)

I’ll stop writing quickly (idea) lest I change my mind (idea) about not having ideas. This really isn’t working. I guess I can’t actually ignore all those words in my head. I’m doomed to dance with them forever. Breathe in. Breathe out.

flower heads

One thought on “Quiet the mind

  1. I thought of you the other day….
    I was at my son’s baseball game and at the end of the game my mom said “Chunky sucked tonight.”
    And I lost my mind.
    Literally lost my mind. It’s one thing to tell me that I suck for all 34 years of my life but then to tell me that my child sucks. Of course she is mad at me and turned all of the land against me because I was the one who pointed out that she is a horrible parent.
    You are not your mom.
    Your thoughts as wonky as they are will never be your mom’s thoughts — they are the illness. The difference between you and her is that you have a conscious…a heart…a soul…you care…you bleed….people like her are cold. Fucking cold.


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