Is stigma holding me back?

Sometimes I read scientific studies. By “sometimes”, I mean all day. And by “scientific studies”, I mean random articles on the internet.

Aside from powerful blogs written by women in my shoes, my impression from reading recent ‘news’ articles about mental illness has been that the worst part of having a mental illness is having to face the “stigma” of mental illness.

I know that stigma is a problem. I know that my parent’s inability to help me is rooted in stigma. But, bipolar is also a problem. Having it hurts. It hurts a lot. and no amount of green ribbons is going to make that pain go away.

Just saying…

facing stigma is the worst part of having bipolar disorder? false. losing your mind is the worst part of having bipolar disorder.


One thought on “Is stigma holding me back?

  1. That is true.
    I think that stigma is a problem for those who need help and won’t because they’re afraid of society’s perceptions about mental illnesses and the fear of being ostracized by loved ones. There is a lack of information regarding what is “normal” and what is “not normal” as far as the symptoms go of each illness. You know, like if you’ve got a rash, you know to go to a doctor (unless it’s in your crotch-al region you might want to try over the counter stuff because gross) but if you’re sad, you may think it will pass or people tell you it will.
    Having bipolar disorder is hell, far worse than the stigma. The pain that I feel in this moment; I wish that I could scoop out my guts with the melon baller on the counter. Losing control of yourself is something that no one will understand unless they’ve walked in these shoes. It’s hell.
    Think whatever you want about me (sons a hookers with chlamydia), I have an illness that hurts.


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