There is no more running away

I pedaled quickly
The crisp autumn wind on my face
The wet leaves falling to the ground like a gentle rain
Creating a carpet of yellow petals under my thin tires
I tried to see the beauty
But I couldn’t catch my breath.
I couldn’t get away.

Once, I pedaled to my freedom
I pedaled away from the pain
Away from the witch that hounded me, away from the prison walls.
But now I can’t get away.
I will never be able to get away.

I can’t outrun the demons that haunt me now –
I can’t outrun them,

Because they have no legs;
The demons are in my head.
They are here to stay.

On my bike,
In my life,
I am alone with them.
There is no more running away.

We stopped checking for monsters under our bed when we realized they were inside of us.


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