Sorting the voices in my head

A strong woman knows how to ‘trust herself’, how to ‘listen to her inner voice’, how to make decisions that feel right to her.  

I want to be that strong woman.

But sometimes my inner voice is an asshole and a liar. Sometimes decisions that ‘feel’ right at the time are really what will sabotage me. 

Sometimes I’m really not supposed to listen to my inner voice. Maybe a strong bipolar woman has to work harder sometimes to ignore her ‘inner voice’. The challenge is that only your inner voice can tell you when to listen to your inner voice. So when do you listen? 

What do I do when my inner voice convinces me to do something and I look for back up from my inner inner voice and she just validates it? But then I hear my inner inner inner voice question it and then quickly change her tune in support. How do I know which voice to listen to when they are all so convincing.

How can I learn to trust anyone if I can’t even trust myself? But how can I trust myself if I know that I am not always trustworthy?  

Why am I a paradox wrapped in an enigma wrapped in cheese?

Why am I wrapped in cheese?




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