Of all the things I’ve lost…

What I am about to write might be incredibly offensive to you. Sorry (sorta).

I just read this on google, “Lithium also seems to have neuroprotective mechanisms that protect people with bipolar disorder from Alzheimer disease and dementia.”

Great news! If you lose your mind when you are young and survive long enough to be really old, you might not have to lose your mind again. Wow. That’s such a relief.

When I was turning 30 and losing my mind, I was thinking that I was starting to understand what old people with dementia must feel like. So, I guess if you get bipolar when you are younger, you just get so much time to get used to functioning without your mind that when old age hits and your friend’s start losing their minds, you’re the pro! They can’t even tell that your mind is gone too.

Or maybe if I take my meds regularly for the next 30 years, I’ll become suddenly sane when I’m 60! That will give me 5 years to enjoy mental health before I get colon cancer. Awesome!


I miss my mind the most.

One thought on “Of all the things I’ve lost…

  1. HAHA…offensive? Not at all. My doctor tried to use that when he was trying to sell me on lithium. I was terrified of that drug. I’m on it and I hate it. But hey, now that you’ve pointed that out…I can’t wait to be super old and laugh at my friends who can’t remember their names and wet their pants every time they use the microwave.


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