What bipolar feels like

In my recent obsessive googling session on bipolar, I came across this really powerful clip of a woman named Sascha describing what it feels like to have bipolar.

(If the pretentious hat irritates you, feel free to fast forward the introduction by the guy in the hat.)

I transcribed her explanation in case you can’t be assed to watch the video. (I’m nice like that). Here is what she says:

I think bipolar is like being in a boat. On an ocean. By yourself.
There’s other people but they’re all on their own boats doing their own things.
But you’re in this boat on this ocean
And in one hand, you hold the chain to an anchor
And in the other hand, you hold the strings to a kite.
The kite is the mania
And the anchor is the depression.
And your job is to keep the kite from flying you away and
Keep the anchor from bringing you all the way down to the bottom of the ocean.
So, being bipolar is this fine balancing act of keeping yourself afloat in a boat.
With the kite string here…and the anchor here
And you’ve got to hold them really strong and really tight.

This clip is from a documentary called up/down. I watched the full documentary for free here. It’s a bit slow but I think it is worth watching the whole way through.

I found this because I was looking for a way to help my family (and me) understand what this diagnosis means. If you have any more helpful videos or articles, please let me know.

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