30 things by 30 years old

30 things I’ve already done before my 30th birthday (next month):

I hiked on the Great Wall of China
I swam with dolphins in the Red Sea
I gave birth with no medical interventions
I breastfed two babies
I quit jobs impulsively
I ziplined over the rainforests and hiked through them
I went to the Louvre, the Vatican and the Western Wall
I walked in (and out of) Auschewitz
I married my high school sweetheart
I was hit by a car
I gambled in Las Vegas
I rode the trolly in San Francisco
I rode the subway in New York City
I stood at the mouth of Niagara Falls
I ate tapas in Spain
I drank wine in Nappa
I slept in a tent in Algonquin Park
I rafted down rapids on the Ottawa River
I spent more than 150 hours in therapy sessions
I completed a university degree
I watched an opera in Vienna and walked along the canals in Venice
I uncovered history on archeological sites in Israel
I had a miscarriage
I struggled with PostPartum Depression
I stayed up all night with friends
I skinny dipped in the lake
I saw four countries at once from a mountain top
I built a professional website from scratch (x5)
I cared for children who weren’t mine
I hiked in the Swiss Alps
I vomited from drinking too much alcohol (x2)
I got high in a cafe in Amsterdam
I got friends to volunteer to help people
I ate $100 dinners
I had sex in cars and outside, in hotel rooms and boiler rooms, on stairs, even in a bed
I suntanned in Thailand and ate Pho in Vietnam


(full disclosure: there are 36 things listed here. note ‘i learned math’ is not on the list.)

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