Wherein I discover the meaning of life

Is the glass half full or empty
I ask her as I fill it
She says it doesn’t really matter
Pretty soon you’re bound to spill it

-Indigo Girls
(of course, cause they rock)

I think it all comes down to whether you believe that people are generally good or bad. This will determine the sort of life that you lead.

I was taught that people are generally bad and selfish but I am learning that the opposite is far more true….and far more wonderful. But I think that there is so much in this world that we will always find the truth that we are looking for.

Warning: I am about to be very profound and brilliant.

In summary: the meaning of life according to Lyla Jackson:

Enjoy and do no harm.

here is what this means. it means that the overall goal of any activity is enjoyment. But, often you must undertake activities that you do not enjoy in order to enjoy something and enable others to enjoy as well. For example, you could always enjoy and never make food for your children, but that would be harming them and therefore, go against the first rule of “enjoy but do no harm”. so, if i don’t enjoy making food but i enjoy eating a warm meal and my children enjoy eating a warm meal than making the food will bring us all joy and i can focus on that while i cook. If the activity does not in any way lead to joy- leave it. If you are currently feeling stress, try to remember that you are supposed to enjoy.

for example, last night i started to feel stress that my kids weren’t falling asleep but then i thought that i could stop worrying and just enjoy that we were having time together and that they were enjoying falling cuddling together. i switched my lens and it changed my feeling.

maybe too much. maybe i’m too sped up now. i feel like i should copywrite this post and publish it as a treatise so that it can sit on the shelf beside Karl Marx. Is this feelings of grandeur? fuck. (pardon me.) whatever. enjoy. publish.


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