I love drugs!

zoloft has made me much less of a bitch

I just had the best day with my mini family. I think i need to put that in writing so that later, when I get depressed again (because I know I will…), I can look back and have proof that there was a day (okay, it’s been a few days) while I was taking the Zoloft that I didn’t feel depressed at all. And actually, I didn’t feel very anxious either.

It’s amazing how nice my life is when I can just live in the moment with it.

The dishes are piling up in the sink and it’s not really bothering me too much. I’m feeding my daughter (and myself) yogurt with artificial colour and flavours but, hey, at least we’re eating. Even the thought of these things a few weeks ago made me want to vomit and die…I think the pills are working…

Soni, my two year old, had a great day today too. She is usually very reserved when I take her to new places (possibly modeling her anxious mother…)- but today, she ran write into the indoor playground with the other kids at my friend’s daughter’s birthday. It was so nice to see her having real fun and interacting with the other kids on her own.

My husband is a really nice guy too. and a great dad. I’m really happy that he stuck around to see me come back out of the shadows of my life. Just had to mention that.