Stalking Sarah McLachlan

I’m sort of nervous that I may be arrested for stalking Sarah McLachlan. I’ll explain: I have an appointment tomorrow in the fancy Yorkville neighborhood for a very intimate date with a laser hair removal machine. (they say ‘self care’ is important) This is apparently the area in the city where celebrities seem to flock when they come to Toronto. The last time I was in Yorkville, I saw Sarah McLachlan(!) grocery shopping in Whole Foods. It was especially exciting because, SHE IS SARAH MCLACHLAN!

I know, you’re jealous. I’ll give you the whole scoop; she was grocery shopping with two young girls who seemed to be her daughters and another woman who seemed to be some sort of friend or sister. It all looked very “normal”. I got so excited that I almost left the store as soon as I saw her (so she wouldn’t think I was some dorky fan following her) – then I circled back just to gawk at her again and there she was, Sarah McLachlan, buying food, just like a normal person. Slightly over priced food- but she paid with a credit card (just like me!) not the gold bricks that I assume all celebrities carry in their purses.

So, now you see why I am so nervous to go back to Whole Foods tomorrow. What if I see Sarah McLachlan again and she thinks that I’ve just been going there every afternoon for the past two months waiting for her to come back. I bet she’d get really creeped out and ask the store security to escort me out of the store. But you can’t really kick out a lady with a baby (me), so I bet she’d pretend that Crosby was her baby. I bet they would believe her because she’s Sarah McLachlan and I’m just some crazy lady who stole her baby. sarahMclachlan

Maybe I’ll bring a photo of me with Crosby – just in case. I could take it in the morning beside the newspaper so they’d know that he’s really my baby and there is nothing creepy going on.

Why did I just google “sarah mclachlan whole foods”?? As if someone else saw her there and wrote a news story all about it… I’m so dumb.


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