Poop Catchers

When I originally thought about writing a blog, it was to focus on talking about babywearing (I am the expert), natural products, and cloth diapers. All the things that would make Dr. Sears proud of me. (even though I had no idea who he was until my daughter was a year old- I’m that instinctive.) This was when my OCD (actually diagnosed by a real psychiatrist) was in charge and all I could do was over-think my babycare decisions.

Now that I have antidepressants and new topics to over-think, I’ll just write one posting (for now) about cloth diapering.

I never used cloth diapers until my second child was born and I must say, the modern cloth diapers are among the best things ever. For the first few weeks I thought it would be cool to be old-school and I started using prefold diapers with fleece diaper covers. I liked that my baby boy’s precious new package wasn’t squished into a chemical laden sponge all day (read- disposable diapers) but really, these old style cloth diapers made no sense. As soon as he pee’d, he was soaking wet, so I couldn’t let him nap in them and really, what else does a newborn do? They leaked consistently and were just silly. I even tried putting an extra fleece cover on him under the prefold, covered by another fleece cover. And by the time I got all those on, if he hadn’t pee’d on me, I needed a nap!

Then my friend introduced me to FuzziBunz (I wish they would pay me). These AI2 diapers are amazing! They are just as easy to put on as a disposable diaper, they never leak, they are ‘one size fits all’, and they are super cute. I have ten diapers and I wash them every night or two. Because I am still exclusively breastfeeding, there is no rinsing poop or anything, I just dump the dirty diapers into the wash for a cold rinse, hot wash and then into the dryer. They still look new. Really, just as easy (difficult) as taking out the garbage. (I know how this sounds… I hate me too…but it’s true!)

We use one disposable diaper every night so that I can sleep for as long as my kids and not have to get out of bed. But now that I am used to the soft cloth diapers, I am so aware of how scratchy the paper diaper feels on my son’s butt each night.  One day soon I will  ‘double stuff’ the FuzziBunz and try it overnight. I haven’t done this yet because he sleeps right beside me – I will be really annoyed if I wake up in a puddle. Please chime in if you have experience with this. (I guess I’m not the expert of cloth diapering…yet!)

I appreciate that my sweet little boy does not need to spend his first year on this earth creating a mound of garbage that would overflow my home. I also love that my son has never had a diaper rash. I also love that I’m not wrapping  his body in cancerous chemicals and leaching plastic all day. I also love that I’ve spent $250 on diapers and won’t spend much more…ever.

Which leads me to my next bragging point: my daughter has been toilet trained since  about 16 months. Wouldn’t you like to know how…

Ok. This is apparently still a topic close to my heart- it may need to spill into another posting…or two.


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