Self Love

I feel like I just gave myself a huge hug and told myself, “I’m worth it!”.

Why? This evening, I took a shower and I made and ate a salad. Maybe these don’t sound like the most glorious things, but right now, they were perfect.

My shower was so hot and cleansing. Crosby clearly enjoyed his view from the car seat on the floor of the bathroom. He was happy so I even shaved my legs.

Then I made a big salad bowl for myself. I even added some brown rice (that I made just for me in the rice cooker!) and some yummy fresh mozzarella cheese and veggies and lettuce and some olives… Not only did I take time to make the salad, I took time to eat it all up. It took longer than my usual cookie eating contest but I feel so much better and although I feel compelled (read: OCD) to go eat a few cookies, I actually don’t want them.

Now I feel clean and well nourished.

All the things I want for my baby and always forget for myself. hmmm…

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