Time is Passing

I can’t believe Crosby is only 16 weeks old! He is such a real part of our family and my life. I can’t even really remember life before him. Well, I can.. but I think he was still there. I was recently watching a video I took when Soni was a baby and I thought, “Who was watching Crosby while I was taking care of that baby?”

Aren’t new moms retarded? Maybe it’s just me. Me, and my friend who waits all week for our Thursday date, doesn’t show up, and then calls me Friday morning to see where I am.  Me, her, and my friend who tried to unlock the front door of her house by pressing ‘unlock’ on her car key. At least I have lots of well matched friends…

Which brings me to another topic on the minds of all of my like-minded friends…poop. When I’m not cleaning everybody else’s poop, I try to find some time each week, (or when urgent) to deal with my own poop. But good news! – Crosby is finally strong enough to sit in the bumbo seat! Get it? Now I can poop without him on my lap- he can be on the floor in front of me in the bumbo seat. And my daughter can sit beside him on the bathmat watching Dora the Explorer on Netflix on my iPhone. I’ll tell them about this when they are older and wondering what we did at home all day when I was on maternity leave.

monkey on toilet


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